Miyagi-Do by Paul Green

(June 6, 2021 – June 2023)

Paul Green began making sculptures as props for experimental films in the early 1990’s. As part of the Artspace College Project in Bristol 2013-2014, PG constructed the series of sculptures ‘Screwed’ on the boarded up windows of a derelict building.

Each sculpture is made from thousands of screws hand-tightened into wooden boards to form wall mounted images of striking depth and beauty. Originally outdoor sculptures, each sculpture reacted differently to the changing light, dripping rain and blowing wind. The artist describes the creation of each sculpture as ‘a powerful act of meditation.’

Finis Gallery is proud to exhibit these sculptures together for the first time since 2014. The first attempt at opening the ‘Screwed’ exhibition only lasted 5 days from October 31st to November 4th 2020, only to be stopped by the 2nd Covid-19 Lockdown. A brief second attempt was made over Christmas 2020. Because of time constraints of the Community Project, ‘A Fine Balance’ exhibition opened to the public after the easing of Covid-19 related restrictions for galleries in May of 2021.

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